My Story Part 5

Hey guys! Here's more of my story: School went by like a flash. Before I knew it, I was in the line to buy the stuff for the tree-house at the store. I checked my watch. 3:48. I still had some time... I got to the cashier, and she looked me up and down, and … Continue reading My Story Part 5


My Story Part 4

Hey guys! Here's another part of my story! We walked to my house talking more about how some parents don't care about their kid's safety and how they take that for granted, etc. When we got to my house, I introduced him to my mother, and we went into my room. I apologized about 25 … Continue reading My Story Part 4

EVEN MORE Of My New Story (LOL)

Hey guys! Here is some more of my story: WOW! That movie is good! Once the movie was over, Jacob's mom knocked on the door. Jacob told her she can come in, and he introduced her to me. His mom seems like she could be in her mid-20's (not even 1 GRAY HAIR). She looks … Continue reading EVEN MORE Of My New Story (LOL)

My Favorite TV Shows & Characters

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted all week! 😦 Today I'm gonna show you some of my favorite characters in some TV shows: LIV AND MADDIE 1.  Maddie Rooney 2. Parker Rooney 3. Joey Rooney 4. Willow Cruz 5. Diggie Smalls LAST MAN STANDING 1.  Eve Baxter 2. Mike Baxter 3. Chuck 4. Mandy Baxter … Continue reading My Favorite TV Shows & Characters